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I'll be posting pictures of my work here things like, painting scenery, and model making, Its a show and tell format so please post your current modeling project as well. If you got a question on how I do things that isnt covered feel free to ask.
My Fav, tabletop gaming is Flames of War, Pulp Fiction, and War at sea, AT-43 and Im a big terrain making fan. and of course Model Railroading...

We also plan and run gaming events and will post picture's of that as well .

After reading the comic "Lost Squad" I wanted to paint and model them in 28mm for some pulp fiction gaming.Ive picked some figures from Artizan design and Bolt action and have started painting them up.Some bad guys and scenery will follow.Ive also asked some talented friends to join me so any thing about painting figures and modeling is welcome here.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Completed Cowboys

Cowboy in Progress

Here a picture of one of my WIP. A little dark, but you get the idea...


Here are some more primed and ready to paint Cowboys.

I usally prime in white, but I ran out. so I switched to Grey.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Scenery being worked on for FOW

This is the German Reichstag in 15mm
this peice will be used at a big mega battle in June 2008. This first picture is before the painting begins. Flames of War -late war- Battle for Berlin event info coming soon.

Hello All...

I'm currently working on some Western Cowboys. I will post some pictures very soon !


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Easy base lettering ( sort of )

With the Lost squad having nine guys I wanted to be able to demo a game and also have everyone know who's who's while the action heats up. BUT lettering is my weak spot with a paint brush.
Then a came across these cool "rub on" decals and lettering .
The "Kansas Kid "was my first attempt its not as straight as I'd like but I do like it and I'm sure with some practice Ill get better at alignment.

Its easy line the letter up on the base ( that was tricky Im recovering from wrist surgery) then rub it with the plastic pencil follow that with a spray of matt sealer and your "right as rain"...

More work done!

The major is finaly painted in these pictures!

Pictures of the Squad in 28mm and each one above its picture and name found in the newly released(11/2007) paper back comic. finished up inking and sealing with matt spray !

Rat Patrol Radio listen and paint!

This is great to model and paint by try it some time,

Welcome to the new home of Rat Patrol Radio! Rat Patrol Radio- Wartime Tunes! is a webcasting radio station hosted on the Live 365 network. We specialize in Big Band and Swing music, and authentic WWII radio shows and news excerpts. We literally scour the globe to find rare tracks to bring to you, our listeners. Groove to the beat of little-known but hard-swinging service bands like the Squadronaires and the Blue Rockets, in addition to famous favorites such as Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and the Dorseys. Listen as FDR proclaims a "Day of Infamy" and Churchill lauds the RAF in "their Finest Hour." We have bond drives by Tommy Dorsey and Bing crooning in the ol' Kraft Music Hall. We even have message boards where you can discuss swing music, old time radio, and your favorite WWII tunes. So tune in, sit back, and be transported back to those times when "The Greatest Generation" fought to save the world in the greatest conflict ever known.
Well I getting the painting done on the 28mm L.S. and have started a group in 15mm will have pictures soon, Ill need one more figure to order for the lost squad a soldier holding a bazooka ie "Jose Bazooka Morales" of the team of 9 guys.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the gloss coat step

Next step is to gloss coat this is a step action before inking.
The Gloss increases the service tension allowing the inks to settle
in the nocks and crannies and not giving the whole model a wasing of colour .
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work in progress