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I'll be posting pictures of my work here things like, painting scenery, and model making, Its a show and tell format so please post your current modeling project as well. If you got a question on how I do things that isnt covered feel free to ask.
My Fav, tabletop gaming is Flames of War, Pulp Fiction, and War at sea, AT-43 and Im a big terrain making fan. and of course Model Railroading...

We also plan and run gaming events and will post picture's of that as well .

After reading the comic "Lost Squad" I wanted to paint and model them in 28mm for some pulp fiction gaming.Ive picked some figures from Artizan design and Bolt action and have started painting them up.Some bad guys and scenery will follow.Ive also asked some talented friends to join me so any thing about painting figures and modeling is welcome here.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


I Been planning a big Two Day event at "Total con" Feb 21 & 22 2009 in Mansfield Mass. Two days of FOW and AT-43 Gaming with Cool tables and some great prizes from the game makers.

I hope to post pictures after the event its been fun crazy getting ready for this Ibeen busy with a lot of hobby stuff and should take the time to catch up and post details so Ill give it a try after the Gaming convention ... G