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I'll be posting pictures of my work here things like, painting scenery, and model making, Its a show and tell format so please post your current modeling project as well. If you got a question on how I do things that isnt covered feel free to ask.
My Fav, tabletop gaming is Flames of War, Pulp Fiction, and War at sea, AT-43 and Im a big terrain making fan. and of course Model Railroading...

We also plan and run gaming events and will post picture's of that as well .

After reading the comic "Lost Squad" I wanted to paint and model them in 28mm for some pulp fiction gaming.Ive picked some figures from Artizan design and Bolt action and have started painting them up.Some bad guys and scenery will follow.Ive also asked some talented friends to join me so any thing about painting figures and modeling is welcome here.
Gordon aka G-Dog

Something New for 2008/9 is the pod-cast with talk music and hobby news take a chance and give it a listen see link to the ATOMIC LOUNGE with me G-Dog!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Location In Manchester NH

Look for us at 260 Mammoth road Manchester Behind Aarons next door to Rite aid,this will be our new home starting June 30th 2015  more info on facebook and our web site at www.adlerhobby.net

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


10:30AM - 6:00PM, SAT, NOV 23, 2013
NEW SITE at www.adlerhobby.NET
This event repeats every month on the fourth Saturday of the month.

Napoleonic fans gather up your balls and powder and join us for a day of rank and file warfare EVERY last Sat of the month. Rule systems will most often be “Black Powder by Warlord*” and “Tremble ye Tyrants” from North Star, but others are welcome!  American War of Independence and French Indian War fans are also encourage to play whether you looking to play or even host a game using our great scenery. (A 6' x 12' table is available) Nappy Saturday is your day to join the rank and file!
Contact Gordon to play a game or host a game at adlerhobby@yahoo.com right away!

Notes: A standard *BP brigade consists of 3 units of infantry (4 bases of four men/16 figures) 1 unit of cavalry ( 4 bases of two horse & rider/ 8 figures) and a single Artillery unit ( 2 bases each with one cannon and crew) please note this sizing may be different depending on the nation your fielding (Austrians) OR your  favorite game system and is only a guide!
This represents a typical command for each player and cold be adjusted up or down in size depending on time and number of players, some food for though if your thinking of playing in a game or hosting a game!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Buffalo Solders 2012

This June I'm planning a birthday game celebrating Adler Hobby's Tenth year! 
"Fist full of lead" will be the rules we are using to hold a multi-player game and here are photos of my first unit of figures ..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Building Scenery = take a break from painting ; )

Well I wanted to take a short break from painting and focuse on building scale sized palms for 28mm figures its amazing how tall a palm tree is and I wanted to see the right scale tree's on this table for this game, Ive added some shots with figures to help with scale and the dragon is just for fun and not a german WW1 secret weapon...LOL

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This weeks post is presented by Sikhs and the letter "B"

B as in beards and bread bags for the Sikh Indian forces I was waiting for a Osprey Book titled Armies in East Africa 1914-18 (Men-at-Arms) my distributor had just one, This has helped me get some paint colors for thier equipment.
These are a work in progress but I wanted to show of this amazing looking force !
Bee templates By AJ Wright

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TANGA 1914

You are invited to view Gordon Pittsley's photo album: Tanga 1914
Building and painting of figures and terrain for a skirmish game in 28mm for the WW1 battle of Tanga South Africa 1914, also know as the "Battle of the Bees"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thursdays are game night

Stop by every thursday and on the Second and last Sat of the month to see what we are up to.
Flames of war, Colonial war gaming ,and Black Powder gaming is all being played at this point !