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My Fav, tabletop gaming is Flames of War, Pulp Fiction, and War at sea, AT-43 and Im a big terrain making fan. and of course Model Railroading...

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After reading the comic "Lost Squad" I wanted to paint and model them in 28mm for some pulp fiction gaming.Ive picked some figures from Artizan design and Bolt action and have started painting them up.Some bad guys and scenery will follow.Ive also asked some talented friends to join me so any thing about painting figures and modeling is welcome here.
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Working on the railroad

Its been some time since I said Hi and posted Ive been focusing on the train layout and switching from American prototype(NKP nickel plate railroad) to European prototype (German Railway 1920 to 1945) also known as era 2.
With all the 15mm FOW stuff I have and a small collection of Era II reichsbahn engines and rolling stock ,the time has come to convert my layout.
Im very excited to do this and am having a great time planning this out.


Anonymous said...

I grew up around train sets; my dad had built a 6x8' table when I was very young, but never have I seen a war-themed set. That submarine pen is totally badass.

adlernest said...

Thanks for the complement!
Ive just started redoing that layout My plan is the have a Midget submarine base serviced by German army narrow gauge railroad which is intern serviced by the standard gauge REICHSBAHN on the Island of Sylt which is connected to the mainland by the "Hindenburg Damn" (awesome thing to model).
Since I was a American Prototype (NKP) modeler the transition has been big but fun. With the amount of FOW stuff I have and scenery from the store this is a way to recycle a lot of that stuff and get some great use out of it. the truck and tanks from FOW make awesome flat car loads for the German trains Its been a BIG project and as a result I haven't had the time Id like to post on here but rest assured when I do their will be a lot of pictures of my recent work.